About the vineyard

Letting the place talk through the vines

Trusting nature’s intelligence, we dedicate a lot of time to observing and working with the vines so that they provide us with the best fruits. We employ a holistic, organic approach using composts, herbal and fermented preparations and biodynamic practices, working with natural rhythms.

No synthetic and/or systemic chemicals (herbicide, fungicide or insecticide) is used on the vineyard. Biodynamic and microbiological practices are used to increase the life in and out of the soil.

We aim to use domestic animals (sheep, chickens, guinea fowl, ducks etc) to control grass & undesired insects.

Organic certified anti-fungals are used on the vines during the growing season to prevent damage from powdery and downy mildew.

Hand made is our philosophy! Our aim is to express the vintage in the fruit.

To achieve this, we use no artificial rainfall (irrigation), and use only hand pruning, shoot thinning, leaf plucking, green harvest and fruit harvesting.